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Founded in 1993, AOL mail is one of the most widely used free email services. It is a web-based email service provider. AOL mail is owned by Verizon Communications and is considered as the best webmail service provider. The AOL mail services are provided in 50+ different languages. The AOL mail gained much popularity during the period of the 1990s and early 2000s. It is a much older player in the webmail services field than the other big email service providers such as Outlook (or Hotmail), Yahoo, Gmail, etc. 

In the below article we will cover all the points and queries related to AOL mail such as how to create login account, AOL login process, common login issues, AOL mail login username and password reset, troubleshooting methods for AOL mail login issues, and many more other points.

How to Create an AOL Mail Login Account?

If you want to create an AOL mail account, visit the official website of the AOL. Now you will see an AOL login box on the AOL mail login site. Click on the option that says “Get a free username” and then the main sign up page will appear. Register for a new AOL mail account by filling the following details.

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  • First Name- Enter your real first name.
  • Last Name- Enter your real last name.
  • Username- Choose the AOL mail login name and the email address prefix.
  • Password- Create a password for your AOL mail login account and enter it twice in the provided field.
  • Date of Birth- Enter your exact date of birth as it is required for age verification purposes.
  • Gender- Provide your gender details.
  • Postcode- Enter your area postcode or ZIP code.
  • Security Question- Set a security question from the available options. This could come in use when you forget the AOL mail login username or password.
  • Security Answer- Set the answer for your selected security question and remember it. It will come in use when you forget your AOL login username or password. 
  • Mobile Phone Number- Enter your mobile number as it will get linked to your AOL mail account for security purposes.
  • Alternative EMail- Provide an alternative Email address, it will help in keeping your AOL mail account secure.

After entering all the above-mentioned details that are required for creating an AOL mail account, click on the “Sign Up” button.

AOL.Com Login Process

After you complete the AOL mail account registration process, the AOL mail login process is really easy. Just visit the AOL mail login site and input the registered email address in the box that says “Screen Name or Email.” Now you need to enter the password in the box that says “Password” and then click on the “Enter” button on your keyboard or the “Sign In” button on the screen.

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You must input your full email address with the suffix in the first box. Do remember that the passwords are case sensitive so you must enter them carefully without any mistake. You can also link the AOL mail account with your Facebook, Google+  Yahoo or Twitter account by clicking on the buttons under the “choose another provider” section.

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Earlier, AOL mail had various account sign-in pages, but now all the pages will take you the URL starting with:

You just need to enter your AOL Mail Login details to start with the mailing services.

How to Reset AOL Mail Login Username and Password?

In this growing virtual world, we have different passwords for different accounts and thus, remembering all of them becomes a difficult task. So a user may forget his/her AOL mail login username or password but this is not a problem with AOL mail, as they have built-in systems for security and safety of the user accounts.

If the user forgets his/her password, he/she can go to the mail login page and click on the button that says “Forgot Password?” and then follow the further system-guided process. After the successful process completion, your new password will be reset and sent to you securely. 

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The process to reset the forgotten usernames is a bit complex with AOL mail. There is no such recovery process for the forgotten username on the AOL website. You may be able to retrieve your username by contacting the AOL mail customer services if your account was linked to your phone number and alternative email. Also, you can try asking about your username from your AOL contacts whom you know in real life. There is no guaranteed process for the forgotten username retrieval.

Aol.Com Mail Login Issues and their Troubleshooting Options

Many of you may face a problem with your AOL mail login due to which you are not able to access and use your AOL mail account. The most common issue with AOL mail login is a typing error, many users make a typing mistake while typing their AOL username and password. Many users also report about seeing a black screen when they try to login to their AOL account. 

Please note that your AOL mail account will no longer be active if you do not log in once for a period of 90 days. You won’t be able to receive any emails but still, the account will be reactivated once you log in. However, the account will be permanently deleted if you do not log in for more than 365 days.

Troubleshooting options for the above-mentioned issues are:

Check the Network Connectivity

This can be the most common reason behind facing the AOL mail login issue. Follow the below-mentioned steps to ensure that your internet connection is working.

  • Go to the browser of your device.
  • Type and search for “AOL login” through any of the search engines.
  • Now, if there is no result displayed on the screen of the device or it shows a server error, you need to contact your internet service provider(ISP) as the internet connection is not working.
  • Do remember to check that your router is working properly or not as there is also a probability of a technical issue with your router.

Check the Web Browser Settings

The AOL mail login issue can also occur due to the problem in web browser settings. Below are the steps to fix the web browser settings problem.

  • Firstly, open the web browser in your device and check for the history and cookies option.
  • Now, you need to select the option of “delete” for deleting the complete user browsing history, cache, and cookies. You need to clear everything from your web browser.
  • Try login into your AOL mail account and if the problem is still there, then you must try some other web browser for logging into your AOL mail account.
  • Also, you must disable all the extensions and pop-ups that you encounter while logging into your AOL mail account.

Disable the System’s Antivirus Defender

The antivirus software in your system may also be the reason behind the AOL mail login issues and problems. For this, you need to disable the antivirus software and firewall of your system. After disabling the antivirus and firewall, check that if you are able to login to your AOL mail account or not.

Check and Verify your AOL Login Credentials

You should always check and verify your AOL mail login credentials that you enter in the provided field. You need to be careful while typing the password as it is case sensitive. But if you have forgotten your AOL mail login username or password, refer above to the already mentioned section of “How to reset AOL email login username and password?”.

AOL Mail App Download for Android & IOS

The AOL mail users can directly login into their account through the web browser in their mobile device or system. But there is also a dedicated AOL mail mobile app for the Android and IOS users. The mobile app is really easy and convenient to use, it has all the AOL mail services and facilities.

You will find the app name as “AOL – New, Mail, & Video” on both the google play store and Apple Store. Just type “AOL” in the search box and the app will be displayed.

We hope that all your AOL mail login related doubts and queries no longer exist after reading our detailed article. But if you still have any further queries, you can reach our technical team through live chat support for further assistance and help. Our team is ready to provide services 24*7 as customer satisfaction is our utmost priority.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related AOL Mail Login

Q. How do I access AOL email?

Go to the settings and select the option of mail. Click on Sync email. Under the Connected accounts section, click on Other email accounts option. Now, input your display name, AOL email address, and password.

Q. Is there still an AOL email?

If you have an internet connection but do not use the AOL dial-up service, the AOL software, email and other services can still be accessed without any cost. You can access your AOL email account at free of cost.

Q. How Can I Recover My AOL Password?

Visit the AOL mail login page, enter your AOL mail username and click on sign-in. Now, choose the option of I forgot my password and follow the on-screen instructions till the process completes.

Q. What Can I Do if I Forgot My AOL Email Password?

You can recover both the username and password through the registered phone number or an alternative email.
1. Visit the AOL login page.
2. Enter your Username or email address and then click on “Next”.
3. Now click on the “Forgot password” option found below the password field.
4. Enter and verify your registered phone number or the alternative email address and click “Next”.  
5. A verification code will be sent on your mobile phone or alternative email address as per your selection.
6. Enter the verification code and now you can reset your AOL mail password.

Q. How Do You Reset a Password for an AOL Account if You Have Forgotten It?

Visit the Account security page and then click on Change Password. Enter the New Password and then click on continue.

Q. How do I Recover an AOL Password without a Phone Number and Recovery Email?

1. Visit the AOL sign-in page.
2. Input your email address.
3. Make a click on the “Forgot Password” option.
4. Now, answer the “Account’s Security Question”.
5. Under the “Account Security” section, click on “Change Password”.
6. Enter your old password and then set the new password (choose a strong password that you can remember afterward).
7. Make a click on the “Save“ button and your password will be reset successfully.
8. Sign-in again to check if the new password is working or not for your AOL account. The successful sign-in with the new password means everything is ok.

Q. How Do I Recover Emails from My AOL Account from 2011?

For the emails deleted more than 7 days ago, you can retrieve them through the AOL server or you can use a professional email recovery tool.

Q. How Can I Change My Email Address?

1. Firstly, you need to log into your AOL mail account.
2. After logging in, make a click on the “Settings” icon.
3. Now click on the “compose” option found on the left side.
4. Click on “Your Name” and type the name/username as per your choice.

Q. How Do I Recover my Old AOL Account?

1. Visit the Sign-in helper page.
2. Input the recovery phone number/email address that you can access.
3. Click on “Continue”.
4. Make a click on “yes, send me a verification code- We’ll send a code to the phone number or email address you provided”.
5. Input the verification code.
6. Click “Continue”.
7. In the end, select the account that you want to log into.

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